Family Law requires a special dedication that I provide. I am passionate about the law and promoting your rights. My services are always tailored to the needs and circumstances of your family. I do not use office staff to communicate with clients; all communications about your case will be directly with me.

Having the benefit of over three decades of intensive family law litigation, I can give you a realistic view of what outcomes you might receive in the event that your case is tried before the Family Law Judge. I will prepare with you in detail in getting ready for and attempting to settle your case at the mandatory mediation session you will be required to attend. I am intimately familiar with the law and process for issues relating to obtaining and enforcing family support orders, family violence or allegations of family violence, child custody issues including interstate and international custody disputes and relocation litigation, and all other aspects of family law in the local and, where appropriate, federal courts.

I have more than three decades of family law experience and can handle any family law issue that involves:

Establishment of Paternity

Child custody and timesharing

Domestic violence issues


Family law appeals

Establishment, enforcement and modification of child support

I also have extensive experience handling interstate and international custody cases, which can be particularly complicated. I'll guide you through every step of the legal process so you can resolve your child custody issue as swiftly as possible.

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