Sometimes a ruling goes against you. If you're unhappy with the judge's ruling in your case, the Law Office of Mark A Neumaier can help. As an appellate attorney in Florida, I represent clients for all kinds of appeals. While my focus in on family law cases, I can handle any type of appeal. If you have won your case but the other side contests the ruling by filing an appeal, I'll provide you with the legal representation you need.

If you want to challenge a temporary order or a final order, I can help. Get in touch with me at the Law Office of Mark A Neumaier today to get started on bringing or defending your appeal anywhere within the State of Florida."

Work directly with your appellate attorney

When you choose the Law Office of Mark A Neumaier, you'll have the advantage of working one-on-one with me as your appellate attorney. I am a student of the law and have had a hand in both enforcing and, in some cases, changing the law in Florida. Let me review your temporary order or final judgment and advise you of your appellate rights, the many mechanisms available to attack or modify the order, and of your prospects for reversal on appeal.

I'll handle all the necessary filings, motions and briefs, as well as oral argument. Because there are strict deadlines in appellate situations, contact me immediately to schedule your free expedited consultation in Tampa, FL. I will give you an honest opinion on your chances of success based on my 38 years of experience in this area.